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Marketing Center

        A career marketing center is located in Changzhou Fangyuan Pharmaceutical Co., ltd..

        In order to meet the needs of market development, follow the marketing rules, the marketing center breaks the traditional sales mode of traditional medicine, establishes the modern marketing system, and makes innovations in the sales mode and management system."Let good medicine serve the people, use innovation to achieve Fangyuan" is the company's management philosophy; "seriously, fast, stick to the promise" is the three style of marketing center.The company culture based on internal talent to fully exploit, alliance elite market, strengthen and standardize the operation of the market, according to the characteristics of the product and the regional market situation, the main mode is to promote pure marketing management and regional agent market promotion.

        The management system of the business marketing center is improving day by day, and a series of processes, such as drug circulation management and marketing strategy, ensure the stability and strong market development ability of the sales system.

        We are gathering more power, with the quality of the drugs for the majority of people to bring health, with good customer service and customer service to establish cooperation and trust, to make employees proud, to win customers and social respect.